Heroin Addiction and Detox Clinics

Heroin Addiction and Detox Clinics are not Mutually Exclusive

Many people who do not suffer the affliction of addiction assume that drug addicts or abusers or immoral, weak, dirty, and criminal. These people believe that to stop doing drugs one only needs to abstain from them. Just make the choice to no longer take drugs. Simple. These people would be wrong. For immediate help with heroin detox and treatment call 1-888-325-2454

The Reality of Heroin Addiction

Heroin is an opioid drug and is derived from morphine. It can be a powder, (brown or white) or it can be in the form of a black sticky tar like substance known as “black tar heroin. The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that 4.2 Americans over age 12 had used heroin at least once and about 23 percent of people who use heroin become addicted to it.

Heroin addicts are not the thin, pasty people with sunken black eyes like in the movies. In reality, it is unlikely you would spot a person addicted to heroin if you passed them on the street. People suffer from many illnesses with overlapping symptoms and many heroin addicts are actually overweight with a bloated appearance. Some addicts may look and act “normal” with no signs of drug use and be capable of functioning in everyday life. Your reality is not their reality. For them every minute is another minute to figure out how to get their next fix before the receptors in their brain run out of the drug.

Heroin changes the brain and those receptors. Once heroin enters into the brain, it is converted back to morphine and attaches to the brain receptors associated with pleasure. Receptors are also in the brain stem and affect processes such as blood pressure, respiration (breathing) and arousal.

The brain is not the only part of the body that is affected by heroin. Chronic heroin use can lead to permanent damage or failure of vital organs such as lungs, kidneys, and liver. (National Institute on Drug Abuse: DrugFacts: Heroin. Oct 2014.)

The Pain of Heroin Addiction

With the habitual use of heroin comes physical dependence. The body has become used to the drug’s presence and abruptly stopping the drug will result in severe withdrawal symptoms.

These symptoms can begin within a few hours of the last dose and include,

  • Muscle and bone pain
  • Restlessness
  • Insomnia
  • Cold flashes with goose bumps
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Craving for the drug

This last symptom is one of the main reasons that continued use or relapse occurs. Combined with the physical pain of withdrawal, heroin is an extremely difficult addiction to overcome. Especially when another dose is all that is necessary to stop the painful withdrawal symptoms.

An individual addicted to heroin needs to detox in a facility capable of easing the withdrawal symptoms with support from professionals who understand addiction.

Medical Detox; Easing the Pain

Heroin is one of the most dangerous and addictive drugs on the street. It is also one of the hardest addictions to overcome.  Detoxing without professional assistance is dangerous and seldom successful. Medical detoxification eases the symptoms of withdrawal as the brain recovers from the dependence of the drug. The purpose of detoxification is treat the physical symptoms of withdrawal and remove the toxins left behind in the body. Below is is a list of heroin detox and what to expect.

  • Medical Detoxification – Medical detoxification allows individuals to withdraw from heroin safely. Generally, the process is medically supervised in a hospital or other treatment center that has a unit for detoxification which allows the patient to be monitored closely throughout the process. Medication is given to prevent the withdrawal symptoms from becoming severe. The medication is usually a related drug type that is gradually tapered over a period of days.
  • Rapid Detoxification – This type of detoxification happens while the patient sleeps under general anesthesia. Opiate blocker injections are given to the patient which will prevent the action of the heroin. Other medications that aid in reducing physical symptoms are also given by injection. The process of rapid detox allows for the rapid withdrawal from the effects of heroin within 4 to 8 hours. This procedure occurs in an intensive care unit in a hospital and patients are generally discharged within two days.
  • Stepped Rapid Detoxification – This is an alternative to the rapid detoxification by which a patient receives small doses of Naloxone which is injected under the skin as well as naltrexone about every hour. This method allows the patient to withdraw at a slower more controlled pace. It also allows for the medical professional to treat any withdrawal symptoms quickly and thus there is less need for withdrawal medications. Naltrexone Maintenance Therapy can stabilize the patient and aid in the long term goal of recovery. While a person is on Naltrexone they would feel no effect were they to take any type of opiate.
  • Ultra Rapid Detoxification – This method also requires the patient to be under general anesthesia. The patient is then given the drug Naltrexone which will block the endorphin receptors and put them into complete detoxification within a 30 minute period.
  • Outpatient Detoxification – For patients with less severe withdrawal symptoms this method is usually both safe and effective. A physician has a variety of medications at his/her disposal and outpatient detox takes anywhere from 7 to 14 days.
  • Methadone – This is the most common form of opiate detox and largely unsuccessful. The patient is given methadone and is then tapered from it over the next 21 days. This method still causes withdrawal to be uncomfortable and often the patients will use drugs during this withdrawal period.

Detoxification from heroin can either be in an outpatient setting such as a mental health center or addiction clinic, or in an inpatient setting like a hospital or residential treatment center.

Whether a patient utilizes inpatient or outpatient treatment will be determined by factors such as, amount and history of heroin abuse, patient’s age, and any co-existing physical or mental health issues.

If you would like more information about the best Orange County detox center that specializes in heroin detox, and managed care withdrawal, then click the link provided or call 1-888-325-2454

Temecula Heroin Treatment Center

Heroin Detox and Heroin Treatment Clinics:

Drug addiction is one of the most challenging and difficult addiction to deal with. Heroin is the deadliest type of the drugs and its addiction is very common in Temecula and surrounding cities like Murrieta, Hemet, Lake Elsinore etc. Approximately 13.5 million people in the world take opioids (opium-like substances), including 9.2 million who use heroin.

A long period of intake of heroin contains enough toxins that can kill or paralyze the body of the addict. Many treatments are there which uses the detoxifying agents to cure and rehabilitate the attack of the toxic chemicals present in heroin. Detoxification is the process during which the body and the mind are prepared to deal and engage with the rehabilitation process of heroin. If you are seeking a heroin detox in Temecula California contact the number provided and speak with a professional about treatment.

The map below illustrates where heroin is originated, and how it makes it to the U.S.

“Most of the heroin available in the United States comes from Mexico and Colombia,” the DEA noted in its 2015 National Drug Threat Assessment.

Heroin Producers

From 2000 to 2014 nearly half a million Americans died from drug overdoses. Opioid overdose deaths, including both opioid pain relievers and heroin, hit record levels in 2014, with an alarming 14 percent increase in just one year, according to new data published today in CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

Overdose deaths from drugs

Drugs attacks the brain:

Actually, addiction is a long-lasting disease that traps the addict for an extended time. The last and threatening stage of addiction comes when the addiction becomes a habit. Evading this habit is the most difficult task for the those with the disease. Basically, when an addict takes the drug, it actually attacks directly on the victim’s brain and make some disorders in the communicative nerves and the messages which are being sent by the brain. These drugs contain many chemicals that disrupt the process of receiving, sending and processing of the information within the brain. Addiction is actually a cage –a cage where every addict wants to live, unwillingly. A drug addict, especially a heroin addict knows the consequences of the drugs but at the same time, they want to quit heroin, but they unable to do so. Now, the question arises that how a person become addicted to something. Well initially, a person become addicted because of some wrong choices that led them down that path.

Real meaning of addiction:

Let’s say, when a person takes heroin, tobacco or anything else even a chocolate bar for 20 days constantly, then at the 21st day if he or she doesn’t take any of the above-mentioned items, his or her body will give a message to take them now. These messages are actually the sign of addiction and can be termed as the addiction messages. Furthermore, the brain will not stop sending ‘addiction’ messages until or unless he or she takes that item which was being used by them for last 20 days. A person will feel depressed or lonely if he doesn’t take them.

To get out of this loneliness and depression an individual takes that item (smoking, heroin, or a chocolate piece). It is very difficult to leave, prevent or stop getting these messages because now it has become a need of the person. The addiction is not just the addiction of heroin or tobacco, the addiction might be of endlessly checking a smartphone, video games, pornography, gambling or it might be cocaine.

Heroin addiction:

Talking just about the heroin addiction because mostly, the addiction numbers are at record highs. Now, as it has become a very tough job to quit drugs, there are many efficient substance abuse treatment centers in Temecula for this too. Unfortunately, some people see a drug addict as has a “choice” and do not see the addiction for what it is, which is a disease. Here is the situation where the role of society comes in. Other people of society should not consider the drug addicts as a criminal or a “loser” but they should deal with them like a patient because they are not in this condition by their own will. If they could stop on their own, they most definitively would.

Temecula Heroin treatment clinics:

There are many psychological treatments which become very handy, useful and the ultimate long term treatment for a heroin addict. In the United States, there are many heroin detox clinics which rehab the patient by using a 12 step program, or alternative program by keeping the addicts for few days in their detox center. The addicts enter in these clinics by their own will to quit the drug addiction but only a few of them gain expected positive results. People fail when they choose the wrong facility to detox, or when they enter into a program that does not have an intensive out patient program. Everyone is different, and each person needs to deal with their addiction in their own way with professional help. Only the best Temecula heroin detox center can produce the results that patients and their families are hoping for.

Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms:

Temecula Heroin Detox Centers

Keeping these critical problems in mind, heroin addiction treatment centers do their best to save an addict’s life and  work to let him see the beauty of the real world. Substance abuse professionals have multiple methods and strategies which they use to treat the disease of drug addiction.

As mentioned above, the main theme which comes into play during the treatment of the drug addict is a good and loving  environment. Sociologically, human beings are born to live with the others to connect and to make bonds. When we are happy and healthy, we will bond with the people around us but when we can’t because we are traumatized, isolated or beaten down by life, we will bond with the things that will give us some sense of relief. Addicts want the happy and interactive social environment but they don’t express this need to everyone.

Correspondingly, this is also the first step in the treatment of the addiction that the patient should be provided by a lovely and happy environment. Many professionals believe that the drug addicts can be treated just by providing them a suitable social environment –an environment that keeps them happy and gives them joy. They call it the behavior therapy which has no side effects at all. If this method doesn’t provide the positive results then by keeping the drug addicts in the same happy environment, our professionals cure them by suitable medications and proper psychological treatments.

As many other clinics use a craving methodology which, according to a study, actually worsens the situation. Literally, we don’t believe that just by craving and making some promises with the patient can help him to quit this addiction because addiction is not that disease which can be cured by just making some promises with the patient. No doubt, craving is the technique of the treatment which should be used properly during the different stages of treatment. We recommend using a Naltrexone implant to help ease the cravings of the individual. By applying this medication after detox, studies show a much greater chance in recovery.

Our network of detox and treatment center can assist anyone looking for recovery. The city of Temecula is surrounded by many other cities in Southern California. If you are searching for a drug treatment center in Murrieta which just north of Temecula or an Orange County detox for opiates, we can assist you.

After a complete heroin detox treatment in Temecula CA, one still has to learn many things before starting a new life. The recovering heroin addict will have to learn how to pass a day without taking any type of drugs or heroin. We teach the person every single item that is fruitful for his/her new life. If your suffering from an addiction from heroin there is a local clinic that offers a drug detox in Temecula.

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