One Of The Top Rehab Centers in Orange County California Implements Naltrexone Implants To Improve Long Term Recovery Success Rate Read

Award winning Orange County rehab Broadway Treatment Center adds new therapy that reduces relapses for their patients. Studies have shown that Naltrexone implants are proven to boost success rates among drug or alcohol addicts as a part of substance abuse treatment.

Huntington Beach, California (PRWEB) May 03, 2016

Broadway Treatment Center has introduced Naltrexone Therapy to their growing portfolio of services they offer their clients. Naltrexone can be administered orally, injected, or through an implant. Oral medication can often be forgotten, so Broadway is offering the implant version. The Naltrexone implant has been proven to dramatically decrease the relapse rate of people in recovery from opiates and/or alcohol. Naltrexone blocks the opiate receptors in the recovering addict’s brain, in turn, dramatically reducing cravings. It is a non-addictive medication and will not block the body’s natural endorphins. If a person does happen to relapse, Naltrexone will prevent the person from feeling high. For information about Naltrexone implants contact the office and speak with a professional adviser here, (714) 443-8218.

The freedom from intense cravings and the inability to become high is what helps people in recovery get through those challenging first months in recovery. Naltrexone will alleviate these physical symptoms and allow the person to focus on the emotional and psychological aspects of their sobriety. The Naltrexone pellet is implanted just under the person’s skin in a painless procedure. The implant will slowly release a dose of medication over the next two months and provide extra physical support.

Broadway recommends that their clients continue their Naltrexone therapy for at least a year following completion of their monitored withdrawal detox program. This will ensure they have had time to develop new, healthy habits, and a healthy mindset surrounding their addiction. Naltrexone has showed no ill side-effects and has dramatically increased the success rate of staying sober after recovery. The naltrexone implant is a valuable comfort measure that makes the transition to recovery easier and more likely to last.

Broadway Treatment Centers is one of the fastest growing substance abuse recovery centers in Southern California. The Orange County substance abuse treatment facility has expanded by over 200 % since their start in 2012, and are continuing to grow. Their multidisciplinary approach to addiction recovery is ever expanding with newly added therapies and constantly improving technologies. The addition of naltrexone therapy is part of their larger goal of being able to provide multiple comfort options to their clients.

Broadway currently offers many unique modalities to fit the needs of their clients. Many different therapy options such as Sand Tray Therapy, IV Vitamin Therapy, Music and Art Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Equine Therapy, Trauma Therapy, and Surfing. In addition to the wide array of therapies, Broadway also offers Nexalin as a holistic alternative to medication therapies. Nexalin Therapy uses cutting edge, non-invasive, brainwave technology to reset the brain. The Nexalin device uses harmless waves to stimulate the hypothalamus and mid-brain, resetting their function to a normal level. The effects are shown to be long term and a great alternative to medication.

Broadway Treatment Centers was one of the pioneers in the pet friendly addiction treatment movement. They were one of the first treatment centers to allow pets to accompany their clients to rehabilitation. It has been proven that animals are very beneficial in a therapeutic capacity during addiction treatment. The relationship between pet and owner offers a great source of comfort and reassurance while in recovery. The love and support a pet gives a client is unwavering, and many times that is what is needed to make it through the first few weeks of addiction recovery, which prove to be some of the toughest.

Broadway Treatment Centers also provides couples addiction treatment. A dynamic approach of treating the individual along with the couple has proven to help both people successfully recover. Broadway addresses and works through many factors that will make it possible for a couple to fully recover and successfully achieve long term sobriety. Broadway will work closely with both parties in the relationship to really get to know their needs and wants, and what they envision for their relationship in recovery. Broadway offers many different types of addiction treatment plans within the modalities of Couples Rehabilitation. There is sure to be something for everyone. For more information about one of the best rehabs in Orange County contact the number listed.

Phone: (714) 443 8218

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Opiate Blocker Implant

Naltrexone is used to block the opioid receptors which assists those addicted to drugs or alcohol.  This effectively blocks “high” the addict feels, reducing the persons chance of a relapse. The opiate blocker implant releases medicine over time so the patient does have to worry about taking a pill or coming in the office for injections.


Naltrexone Orange County

If you are considering receiving Naltrexone treatment for alcohol or drug addiction you should speak to a medical professional to discuss how a Naltrexone Implant works.


How Does A Naltrexone Implant Work?

Naltrexone implants are a non-narcotic medicine that attaches to the brain’s opiate receptors blocking the effects of alcohol and opiate drugs. The drug binds itself to the receptors in the body which prevents the person from experiencing the usual high they would get by using heroin or alcohol. By blocking the effectiveness of the drug, the naltrexone implant helps to aid in the person recovery.

Dependency on opiates is a very complex disease, ongoing treatment and support are the best way to treat addiction. By attending a substance abuse treatment program along with a Naltrexone implant individual’s will decrease the chance of a relapse.

Orange County Naltrexone Implants

Naltrexone Implants Orange County

When an action or process is in place to obstruct or prevent movement, an activity, or the progress of something from moving forward, it stops the subject or material in its tracks.

Consider a railroad crossing as a train approaches an intersection. The gate is lowered to prevent the passing of vehicles and helps in removing the danger of crossing in front of a speeding train. Essentially, this blockage prevents future damage of the matter in question.

This is the intention behind Nalrexone Implants. Nalrexone was developed to block the effects of opiate drugs. It can also be used to treat alcohol addiction. When an implant is in place, the effectiveness of the drug is blocked making it less desirable to the user, like a guard rail being lowered. Nalrexone Implants are beneficial in breaking the cycle of drug use and even more so when used in conjunction with other recovery methods. Naltrexone implant clinics in Orange County California can offer this treatment to help decrease the odds of a relapse from someone suffering from alcohol or drug abuse.

Opiates are a classification of drugs that include, but are not limited to, morphine, codeine, oxycontin, methadone, and heroin. They are often beneficial in the use of treating pain in patients. They produce a sense of wellbeing and euphoria, however, they can also be highly addicting as tolerance is built to the prescribed dosage and higher quantities are needed to create the same feeling of wellbeing, or high. The dependency of opiates is a very serious disease and can be life-threatening.

Naltrexone implant for alcohol addiction orange county

In regards to alcohol dependency, Nalrexone has recently been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a useful resource for the prevention of alcoholism. The benefits are similar to the ones used to treat opiate addiction. Nalrexone decreases cravings allowing the patient to abstain from, or control, drinking habits.

Nalrexone is a non-addictive and non-narcotic treatment that blocks the effects of opiate drugs. This is achieved by the binding of opiate receptors in the brain. The result is that the patient does not feel any effects of the drug. Nalrexone therapy is administered once the patient completes a detoxification period. There are several Naltrexone Implant clinics in Orange County CA that can offer a consultation to see if this therapy is right for the patient.

The Nalrexone Implant is used to create a steady release of the medicine daily for an extended period, as prescribed by the doctor treating the patient. Different treatment centers recommend that patients be on Nalrexone therapy varying amounts of time, anywhere from 3-6 months all the way to 12 months. During this time, they also advise additional recovery treatments such as 12-step programs, a recovery plan that includes professional support by qualified therapists and physicians, and other practices to seek overall well-being and healing. There are many programs that offer different methods of treatment, in order to begin the Naltrexone implant therapy, the patient must be clean from opiates. The patient should attend a heroin detox clinic or alcohol detox to properly prepare for treatment.

Naltrexone Implant for heroin orange county ca

Withdrawing from opiates is typically not life-threatening but can be very unpleasant. Individuals trying to begin recovery are often quickly discouraged by the symptoms and return to using in an effort to shield themselves from the obstacles of quitting. Relapse can be prevented by the use of Nalrexone Implants because the patient can focus their energy on their physiological healing efforts without enduring drug cravings.

The process of inserting the slow-releasing medication is minimal but does require local anesthesia. The implant site might be subject to minor irritation and inflammation. Infection is also a risk. Additionally, withdrawal symptoms may appear if the patient had not completed the detoxification process prior to when the therapy was administered.

Abstaining from the use of opiates is the only proven way to beat the dependency of these very addictive drugs. With the use of Nalrexone Implants, the effects of opiates are blocked to allow for recovery and help prevent a relapse of use. Drug dependency can be quite challenging to recover from but it is possible. The prevention of future damage from opiate use is within reach with the help of Nalrexone Implants. If you or someone you love is suffering from an addiction and believe Naltrexone therapy could help, please contact a health professional to discuss your options.

Naltrexone Implants Orange County CA

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