Heroin Detox Day 1 What to Expect

Heroin Withdrawal First 24 Hours

Heroin withdrawal symptoms, detox and treatment
Heroin is an opiate drug produced from morphine (obtained naturally from the poppy seed plant) that is
used to ease pain. Heroin is one the most heavily abused recreational drugs and can have life threatening consequences for users if treatment is not swiftly initiated. Within the last decade, usage of heroin has increased which has raised widespread concern over suitable approaches to prevent and treat addiction. If you would like to speak with someone about what to expect from heroin detox day 1 call 1-888-325-2454

In the past, Heroin was more commonly abused in urban neighborhoods, but over time addicts admitted
to treatment centers have increasingly come from affluent communities. This trend has surfaced due to
the ease of obtaining opium prescription pain killers, this has in turn has led persons to use heroin to feed their opium addiction (National Institute on Drug Abuse). The abuse of heroin has become more
widespread, affecting approximately 435,000 persons in 2014 with a concerning number of persons in the 18 – 25 age group (Medline Plus) (National Institute on Drug Abuse). Furthermore, in 2013 the number ofdeaths in the United States caused from heroin usage totaled to 8,257 which was twice the number ofdeaths in 2010 (Jennifer Hinners). One of the major obstacles heroin addicts experience is the acute withdrawal symptoms which occur within the first few days after their last drug use. These symptoms can be unbearable; causing addicts to relapse which in turn serves as a significant deterrent for seeking professional treatment. Developing an approach to overcome these symptoms is of utmost important as it hastens the start of the recovery process and aids in helping addicts reclaim their lives.

Heroin use is signaled by a sensation of intense pleasure, depending on the amount and manner in which the drug was ingested, it can have a potent impact on the body (National Institute on Drug Abuse). Almost immediately after using heroin, persons feel lethargic and notice slowness in breathing and mental functioning; these initial effects can last for several hours (Foundation for a Drug-Free World). Eventually the body will have strong desires to use the drug again. However, with prolonged usage persons develop a tolerance for the drug and eventually start using larger quantities in order to achieve the same effects as before. When drug users restrain from using heroin for a period of time, they experience symptoms of physical and psychological dependence. In some cases these withdrawal symptoms appear as early as the 6th hour from the last time of drug use, with symptoms peaking in the 12 – 36 hour range after drug dosage. The intensity of these withdrawal symptoms varies by individual and is influenced by the duration and frequency of previous drug usage, the amount of the drugs ingested as well as the user’s mental and medical history. Additionally when taken, heroin suppresses some functions of the central nervous system and temporarily inhibits pain receptors which increase the chemicals in the brain that are responsible for controlling pleasure. As a result, the withdrawal symptoms experienced can be more intense depending on the severity of the damage done to the brain. Common withdrawal symptoms within the 24 hour period include nausea, stomach cramps, joint pain or muscle aches, flu-like symptoms (runny nose, watery eyes, sweating, and fever), increased heart rate and blood pressure.

Detox Heroin Day 1

The withdrawals symptoms resulting from heroin usage can be unbearable, drug addicts must develop a
sustained commitment to their recovery process in order to endure this stage of the process. Nowadays
there are a range of treatment options available to addicts looking to recover from heroin addiction.
During the process of rehabilitation, doctors generally complete a medical detoxification and then
commence with therapy to aid in the physiological and mental repair. A medical detoxification is a
process whereby the toxins brought on by heroin usage are removed from the body. The process can
take a week on average but longer in more severe cases. Prescription medication such as methadone, buprenorphine, clonidine or naltrexone is often used to help deal with aid in easing the withdrawal process and preventing future relapse. This option can be highly effective as it can be completed in a short time-frame and progress is constantly being measured in a controlled environment. When getting help it is important to ensure that both behavioral and medical approaches are considered in order to along addict to recover effectively. For most addicts they will have to rewire their thoughts and actions in order to limit exposure to drug usage and also wean off the physical and mental dependence on the drugs. So while medicine does have an important role to play in the recovery process it must be done in conjunction with counselling and therapy (National Institute on Drug Abuse).

The cycle of drug abuse is vicious and can ruin the life of not only the drug abuser but the lives of those around him. Addiction is a serious disease that if not treated can have a prolonged effect on a persons’ well-being. Drugs like heroin significantly change the chemical structure of the brain, causing damages that in some cases are irreversible. Moreover, due to the addictive nature of heroin it can be extremely difficult for addicts to make that first step in the recovery process. The withdrawal symptoms in the early stage are uncomfortable to say the least, and for heavy abusers these symptoms can last for a long period after drug usage. For heroin addicts looking to recover do not be discouraged as there are a wide,range of options available for treatment with the advances in technology today. Whatever the situation remember that you are not alone and there are options out there for you. Take the first step by seeking out a loved one and asking them for help. Have the courage to find yourself again and find your true happiness that lies within. The heroin detox day 1 symptoms get worse over the next few days. Find out more about heroin withdrawal timeline by reading about each day and what to expect.

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