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Heroin Addiction Treatment in West Palm Beach

Are you looking for addiction treatment programs in West Palm Beach Florida? If you struggle with opiates abuse from prescription medication or use an illegal opiate like heroin, then a heroin drug rehab can help you. A West Palm Beach drug rehab that specializes in this  type of addiction can safely detox off heroin or opiates and offer residential treatment along with Intensive Outpatient and aftercare to help with long term sobriety.

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What is heroin?

Heroin is an opioid drug formed from morphine, which is a natural substance that comes from the seed pod of the many opium poppy plants. Other famous names used for heroin include hell dust, horse, and smack.

It is an addictive narcotic drug that enters the brain rapidly then binds opioid receptors on cells found in the body, especially those concerned in feelings of pleasure and pain and cells that control sleeping, heart rate, and breathing.

Effects of heroin or opioid for first-time users

Residents of West Palm Beach addicted to heroin use the drug through sniffing, swallowing, or injecting it into the body. The rate at which the drug can enter the brain and affect it is dependent on the method a person uses when taking it. For instance, intravenous injectors can experience changes within 7 to 8 seconds, while those who inject the drug into muscle can feel changes within 5 to 8 minutes.

For first-time abusers, that experience is not always enjoyable. A PBS report suggests that beginners often get nauseated or vomit when the drug effects show up. The main reason is that heroin can work on the digestive system directly to slow down and obstruct its processes. Experienced abusers may get adapted to these feelings, which were unpleasant initially as they started heroin abuse.

Occasionally, first-time heroin users may choose alternative drugs, just because they hate feeling nauseated. However, those who overcome these feelings may try using the drug again and experience transformation in their body.

An abuser usually feels warm, comfortable, and extreme happiness. Abusers often describe that body sensation have similar feelings to a satisfying sexual episode, but they are more intense and last longer.

Such delightful sensations may cause users in West Palm Beach to reuse the drug which leads to drug addiction. Addiction begins when heroin interferes with natural chemical signals that cause pleasure from the brain and replaces them with its chemical composition instead. An opioid user should know that addiction can occur just after a single dose of heroin.


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Health consequences of long-term heroin use

If residents in West Palm Beach continue using heroin regardless of its dangers, they can experience health consequences in the body which include:

Respiratory system

Opiates such as heroin sedate the respiratory system meaning that opioid addiction can lead to slow breathing. If addicts overuse heroin, they can even stop breathing and face deadly consequences. Risks involving respiration failure are top health problems related to heroin use. According to an article in anesthesiology, chronic users who tend to consume large doses of heroin very often can result in breathing stoppage.

Nervous system

The impact that heroin has on the brain is profound and intense. For instance, natural body cells attacked by heroin can stop delivering chemical signals of pleasure, and later, such cells can shrink and waste away. According to NIDA research, long-term heroin abusers can have the white matter of the brain deteriorating, which could result in reduced ability to make decisions or regulate their behavior.

Cardiovascular system

Large doses of heroin can also lead to heart failure and cause death. Furthermore, long-term heroin injectors can encounter even more cardiovascular risks. Each syringe used can damage arteries and veins that circulate blood in the body. When continuous syringe injections harm these delicate systems, blood vessels can shrink down, swell up, or close up leading to infections, abscesses, and deaths.

Digestive system

The sedating qualities of heroin can have a severe impact on the gut’s health. For instance, heroin causes food and water to move too slowly through the digestive passages which can cause constipation and bloat. An article published by Medical Anthropology pointed out that gastrointestinal disturbances are a common problem for chronic heroin users, although they might never mention the issue. The addicts may always feel gastrointestinal illnesses, but they lack somebody to reveal the problem. Eventually, they may not obtain enough help from such issues, either, which could risk themselves to intestinal blockages and emergencies.

What are the treatments for heroin addiction?

Heroin treatment for an addicted person is available in West Beach Palm treatment centers, which include both pharmacological and behavioral (medications). Both methods restore a degree of normalcy to behavior and brain function. This action can result in increased employment rates and lower criminal behavior and HIV infection risks including other diseases. Although heroin drug addiction treatment involving pharmacologic and behavioral therapies can be helpful when utilized alone, research indicates that for some addicts, combining both types of treatments is the best practical method.

Pharmacological treatment (medicines)

Scientific study has proved that opioid addiction that involves pharmacological treatment decreases drug use, criminal activity, and infectious disease transmission, and increases retention in treatment programs.

When opioids addicts stop using heroin, they experience withdrawal symptoms such as diarrhea, pain, nausea, and severe vomiting. Medications such as pain medication addiction treatment and medical detox from opiates can be beneficial through the detoxification stage. These medications methods can reduce craving and other physical signs, which often provoke an addict to relapse. Even though drug detox is not a treatment for addiction by itself, it is a helpful first step especially when it is accompanied by some evidence-based treatment.

Pain medication addiction treatment developed to cure opioid addiction replace the same opioid receptors affected by the addictive drug. These medications are safe and less expected to bring forth the damaging behaviors that portray addiction. The types of medicines used include:

  • Partial agonists, which trigger opioid receptors while producing a minor response.
  • Antagonists that inhibit the gratifying effects of opioids and block the receptor.
  • Agonists, which trigger opioid receptors,

A specific medication is used that relies on an addict’s particular medical requirements and other issues.

Other effective medications provide heroin addiction treatment options which include:


It is an opioid agonist that acts slowly in the body during treatment. Heroin addicts can take it orally so that it gets to the brain slowly while avoiding withdrawal symptoms. Addicts have used methadone since the 1960s as the best treatment for opiate addiction. It remains an excellent therapy option, especially for patients who fail to respond well to other medicines. It is also only available through accredited outpatient treatment programs and prescribed to patients every day.


Buprenorphine is also known as Suboxone is a partial heroin agonist. The drug works by relieving drug cravings without producing risky side effects. Suboxone is an original formulation of buprenorphine that is used orally or sublingually and contains naloxone which is an opioid antagonist that stop attempts to get high when it is injected. If an addict injects suboxone, the naloxone can cause withdrawal symptoms, which can be prevented when prescribed orally.

FDA granted buprenorphine use in 2002, which made it become the first heroine medication eligible for prescription by certified doctors through the Drug Addiction Treatment Act. The approval reduced the need for patients to visit specialized treatment centers, thus increasing easy treatment access for people who need it. Drug addiction treatment centers that use medication assisted recovery have reported to have a lower relapse rate.


Naltrexone is an opioid antagonist that blocks the action of opioids. It is not a sedative or addictive drug and does not cause physical dependence. However, addicts often have trouble conforming to its treatment, hence limits its effectiveness. Fortunately, injectable long-acting naltrexone (Vivitrol) formulation received FDA approval recently to treat opioid addiction. When prescribed once a month, Vivitrol may enhance compliance by reducing daily dosing needs. A Naltrexone implant for preventing opiate addiction can also be utilized to help with recovery and relapse prevention.

Behavioral therapies for heroin addiction help

The many useful behavioral treatments available for heroin addiction can be provided through inpatient heroin treatment centers, pain medication rehab, outpatient, and residential settings. Methods such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and contingency management have treated opioid addiction efficiently. Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps to modify the addict’s behaviors and expectations associated with drug use and to improve skills that deals with various life stressors. Contingency management functions through a voucher-based system where heroin addicts earn “points” based on negative drug tests. They can then exchange these points for items that boost healthy living. A significant duty is to match the best approach of treatment to satisfy the specific needs of the heroin addict.

Heroin addiction therapy through detoxification process

Drug Detox is the only initial step towards recovery from heroin addiction. A good detox program can treat heroin addiction successfully through a drug addiction treatment. There are excellent detox facilities available in West Palm Beach with attractive offers and several recovery treatment options to best suit each patient’s unique needs. Most heroin addicts can significantly benefit from inpatient drug rehab, where they take part in individual medical detox therapy and group therapy, live in a sober environment and get nutritionally balanced meals.

Some of the detox settings which are available for the detoxification process include:

  • Inpatient heroin detox and treatment: These programs may be given at various hospitals, rapid detox centers, and rehab facilities all available in West Palm Beach. Drug rehab treatment centers provide, pharmacotherapy, 24-hour supervision, and intensive care.
  • Outpatient heroin detox: These programs may be given at a doctor’s office, rehab facility, medical center or free health center. Heroin addicts who opt for outpatient detox can only get medical specialist care during business hours, so they are likely to relapse during the evenings and on weekends. An outpatient drug detox for heroin is not generally recommended.
  • All-inclusive Detox Programs: These are programs offered at naturopathic medic’s offices. They depend on alternative therapies and herbal medicines to detoxify the body and mind. Examples of these programs include spiritual counseling, acupuncture, and

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How to perform a heroin detox

Heroin detoxification is best performed at a drug rehab or detox center In West Palm Beach FL. These are the safest options, for both one’s physical and mental health. Also, medically aided detox has higher success rates compared to other methods; substitutes can be risky at best and even life-threatening at worst. To detox off heroin from a heroin rehab in West Palm Beach Florida contact the recovery helpline listed within this post.

Rarely, an addict can die from detox or withdrawal, but death is a possible side effect. For this reason, therapists recommend patients to detox at medical detox facilities. If addicts are unable to detox at a certified facility, and the only other option is a home detox, it is crucial that they get help from a reliable support system. Home detox kits that have minerals, herbs, vitamins are available at pharmacies and online. However, these kits are not often efficient because they do not deal with the deep-rooted behavioral and psychological problems that are associated with addiction.

Detox therapists highly suggest that patients should search for professional help when going through heroin detox process. The whole process is supervised by medical specialists, including a team of physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers who have specialized training to perform a heroin drug detox. If any issues arise, a therapist can monitor the present conditions and recommend safe, properly-researched medications to manage cravings and minimize pain. Although heroin detox may appear an expensive process to some people, staying at a detox facility can help heroin addicts begin the recovery process in the best way possible.

Symptoms, signs, and effects of heroin withdrawal

While getting treatment with heroin detox, its withdrawal can be the hardest stage to combat its addiction disorders. Most treatment centers in West Palm Beach fully understand the challenges related to detox and withdrawal. Therapists work to alleviate these unwanted effects by ensuring that the process is as comfortable as possible while also ensuring the safety of each patient. When heroin addicts completely stop taking it or reduce the amount they use, specific psychological and physical effects will take place. These symptoms range in severity which depends on the dose of heroin they have been using. These are usually known as opioid withdrawal symptoms.

What are the causes of heroin withdrawal

Withdrawing from heroin is a challenging encounter for an addict to endure. There is usually only one cause of heroin withdrawal which is discontinuing its use. This process can be accomplished abruptly or over several days by following a detox program. If people use heroin occasionally, they might never undergo severe withdrawal symptoms. For people suffering from new addictions, or those who desire to end a habit of occasional heroin use, heroin withdrawal prescriptions can help in overcoming the painful side effects. These medicines are prescribed through the pain medication addiction treatment. For those experiencing severe addictions to heroin, an inpatient program is useful for coping with heroin withdrawal safely and efficiently.

Short-term effects of an addict after heroin withdrawal

These symptoms can start to manifest between 6 to 12 hours after an addict takes the last heroin dose. These effects may vary from minor to moderate or even severe and vary for each addict. Short-term psychological and physical symptoms of withdrawing from heroin may include:

  • A runny nose
  • Restlessness
  • Irritability
  • Dehydration
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle aches and spasms
  • Aggression
  • Excessive secretion of tears
  • Uncontrollable yawning
  • Mood swings
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Excessive sweating

Since there are mostly physical short-term effects of heroin withdrawal, it is significant for the therapist to supervise medical detox to keep people safe. The early stages of withdrawal can be easily rectified with heroin withdrawal medications that help to make the mind and body stable.

Long-Term Effects of Withdrawal

Once the initial symptoms decrease, longer-lasting and more intense symptoms begin to manifest. The period that these symptoms persevere differs from person to person, since people have different recovery journeys. These physical and mental effects may include:

  • Depression
  • High blood pressure
  • Anxiety
  • Hyperactivity
  • Drug cravings
  • Paranoia
  • Relapse

Although this is the most challenging stage of withdrawal from opiates or heroin, such symptoms decrease with time as the body adapts to regular life without heroin. These more physical and intense symptoms begin to get better over the course of 3 or 4 days, and within a week, addicts will start to feel healthier.

Choosing a Treatment Center for Heroin Rehab

There are various factors to consider when selecting a heroin rehabilitation center in West Palm Beach, such as therapies offered, reputation, staff, location, and resources. With locations across the city and a host of comprehensive and evidence-based treatments, one can find treatment centers that provide comprehensive care for heroin and other co-occurring disorders. A committed staff of professionals helps patients to understand themselves better and treat addiction to full recovery. Locating the best heroin addiction treatment centers in West Palm Beach should be your main goal, search for a heroin addiction treatment that best suits your needs.

Factors to look for in a treatment facility

When searching for the best heroin rehab program, it is crucial for patients to seek programs that fit their needs. Factors to consider when one is choosing the quality of treatment facilities include:

  • Accreditation
  • Family therapy
  • Insurance policies
  • Individual and group therapy programs
  • Co-occurring disorders treatment
  • Treatment options, including, inpatient, outpatient, and detox care
  • Recreational therapies

Some inpatient drug rehab centers allow couples to get help together, while others allow other types of specialized treatments.

Addiction Treatment in West Palm Beach Florida

West Palm Beach is a city and census place located in Palm Beach County, Florida, USA. It is one of the top city in South Florida with an estimated population of 108,896 in the 2016 census. The city offers a variety of sober living homes for recover addicts to continue their sobriety in a safe environment

Statistic indicates that the median household income averages $45,800. 20.9% of the population live below the poverty level, which has been a significant influence of heroin abuse. West Palm Beach is home to breathtaking waterfront views, palm-lined streets, high-class entertainment districts, beautiful neighborhoods, and remarkable events.

Some residents in West Palm Beach have everyday habits of abusing substance and drugs. One of the commonly abused drugs is heroin. Residents need to know more about the effects and problems that result from heroin abuse. If they need full recovery, there are various treatment centers available in the city that can provide heroin addiction help.


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